Valerie Lynn Palermo SMILE Scholarship Application for 2016 Graduating Seniors

Information needed on cover page:
Applicant Name:
Home Address:
School You Plan to Attend:
Enrollment Date:
Planned Major:
Email address:

Please answer the following items in a single essay.
Spelling and grammar are just as important as content and completeness.

1. Why should you be awarded this scholarship?

2. Describe your career goals following high school and college.

3. Tell us about any school activities, clubs, organizations, or sports teams you are involved with, and why they are important to you.

4. Tell us about any organizations outside of school you are involved with, and who benefits from your involvement.

Include this cover page, and at least two letters of recommendation with your essay.
(Please try to provide one recommendation letter from within the school community, and one from outside.)

Your completed application should be submitted to
by April, 30th, 2016.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

We’re looking forward to reading your submissions!

Completed applications must be submitted to VLP Smile Scholarship Fund by 04/30/2016.

To download a PDF copy of this form, please Click Here.

We’re looking forward to reading your submissions!
Philip Palermo

Send applications to:
Palermo Family
35 Sanfilippo Circle
Rochester, NY 14625


Philip Palermo - - cell: 585-820-5829

Valerie Lynn Palermo
January 29, 1981 - January 27, 2011

Students Making an Impact in Life through Education (SMILE)
Valerie Lynn Palermo was passionate about teaching and making a lasting impact on her students.
The VLP SMILE Scholarship Fund was created to help students with that same passion to follow their dreams…

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